Design, planning and
interior design in Prague

Many customers who rely on Dreamville to buy an apartment in Prague ask for advice and support in interior design, planning, and furnishing of their property. Thanks to our team of experts, all of this is quick and easy.

Our Company Values

Discover our interior design services.

Among the most requested services at Dreamville's real estate services agency, there are certainly the design, the planning, and the interior decoration. Contacting an expert to furnish an apartment or building for private or commercial purposes, saves time and energy.

Our team of professionals knows the unique needs of the clients who buy a house in Prague and want to furnish it for themselves or to rent it for the long or short term. All the architects who cooperate with Dreamville have great experience in designing, planning, and furnishing of offices and also of prestigious structures.

A Little Of Our Story

We were simply born to be in Real Estate for a living

To all of those who buy an apartment, an office, or a building in Prague, Dreamville offers consultancy on how to calculate and contain costs from the early stages of the project through construction and implementation. Dreamville's experts are up to date on Czech energy-saving regulations and will be able to suggest how to design your home efficiently.

The best way to carry out a real estate project in the Czech Republic is to trust the advice of our experts on energy saving and the choice of next-generation materials. Dreamville offers solutions with quality companies and using the icons of world design but respecting the times and the predetermined budget.

Based in Prague

Our team is multilingual and has been working for years with Czech and international customers.

The experience gained during the years allows us not to underestimate the needs and differences of habits and culture that often make the difference in the realization of a project. There are many reasons to buy a property in Prague with Dreamville, the real estate agency that offers a wide range of services: investment, long and short term rent and private use. Each of these uses would require a different location, planning, and interior design.

Our team of designers and architects is well aware that a project can change over the years, and what used to be an apartment for private use can be put on income with long-term or short-term rental. Our projects are very flexible, long-term oriented and are made to adapt to the needs of long and short-term rentals.

Dreamville is Success-Driven

The choice of materials also plays an important role. Dreamville’s team of architects has contacts with reliable local and international suppliers. The materials are chosen based on the purpose, energy-saving, and, of course, the aesthetic taste of our customers.

Our team is knowledgeable about the requirements to break down architectural barriers in Prague and to make all the interiors suitable for the needs of the disabled. The elderly and those with reduced mobility can contact Dreamville’s team of designers for an appointment; we will listen to your needs and create a project that will help you live the spaces at their bests and in the most comfortable way possible.