Management of long and short term rentals
with Dreamville in Prague

There are advantages and disadvantages either in short-term and long-term rentals: Dreamville can suggest the best way to manage your property, hence, maximize profits and reduce your problems.

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Dreamville is your partner

Dreamville deals with the management of both long term and short term rental apartments (i.e. all stays of less than thirty days). Based on several years of experience, our real estate agency can identify the most profitable use of your property and assess whether it is better to opt for long or short term rental.

Not all apartments in the suburbs are necessarily suitable for long term rental just as not all buildings in the center of Prague are suitable for touristic rentals. Our experts are familiar with the Czech real estate market and will be able to guide you towards the most profitable use of your property.

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The advantages of long-term rental in Prague with Dreamville

Managing a long term rental in Prague has several advantages: once you have proven that the tenant is reliable and pays on time, you will no longer have to worry about anything. Our real estate agency offers a wide range of services; therefore, we will take care of all communications with the customer concerning repairs and maintenance.

All utilities will be paid by the tenant, thus relieving the owner of any payments.
The biggest advantages of long term rental in Prague are the simplicity of management and the certainty of profit. Payments will arrive regularly to the account of your choice, and you will always be informed of changes or charges of any kind.

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A short rental can earn as much as a traditional rental, and the owner can “forget” about the property.

It is true: in Prague, a short term rental can make you earn like a traditional rental, in addition to eliminating the risk of arrears. Nevertheless, not all properties are suitable for this type of investment, but thanks to the experience that Dreamville has gained in the real estate sector in Prague, we will indeed find the best solution for you. We will take into consideration the location, the size, and the layout of your property, and together we will decide what best suits your needs. Depending on the location of the property, we will decide on which channels to propose the apartment, and we will evaluate whether there are small design changes that can increase employment and, therefore, income.

Until 2019, competition in the short term rental market in Prague was very high. All the owners of apartments (especially in the central areas of the city) thought of obtaining easy earnings by renting big and small flats to tourists. The reality is that the management of touristic rentals in Prague requires a considerable amount of logistics, time for check-in and check-out, and a lot of training in customer care. The services offered by Dreamville for short term rentals include a variety of possibilities: from housekeeping to managing reservations, to promotion. This type of real estate investment is particularly suitable for those who have some money to carry out a project in Prague but have no time and experience.

Is short term rent a good investment in Prague?

Thanks to the experience of its partners in the real estate sector in Prague and in the Czech Republic, Dreamville can easily tell you if it is better to rent your apartment for a long or short term. The owner in short term rentals must pay condo fees and utility bills. This factor has to be considered in an objective feasibility analysis. It is also for this reason that a property is not always suitable for short rent. The apartment you have chosen in Prague could be much more profitable if rented over the long term or even converted to an office. 

Dreamville’s multilingual team is at your disposal to study which form of investment is best suiting to your budget and also to your expectations. Together we will analyze the most effective short-term rental strategies in Prague and will assist you before, during, and after the purchase of the property.