Dreamville is a well-established company that operates in Prague and the whole Czech Republic, mainly specialized in the real estate sector.

Our Company Values

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

If you are looking for a house in Prague, both for rent and sale, Dreamville offers customized solutions for all needs. Dreamville is different from others real estate agencies that deal only with the sale and purchase of properties: Dreamville has a deep knowledge of the Czech market and the market in Prague.

Besides, Dreamville offers real estate support in Prague with a network of partners and consultants specialized in the design and renovation of properties, offices, and historic buildings. The team operates to meet each client’s request quickly and transparently to ensure the best service.

A Little Of Our Story

We were simply born to paint pixels for a living

Dreamville is an agency that offers real estate support in Prague, and that makes use of the long-term experience of Czech and international partners to guarantee tailor-made services to all its Czech and foreign clients. The agency has close relationships with the best professionals: experts in the corporate sector, tax, accounting, financial consulting, and so much more.

Dreamville works closely with design experts to help you with planning, interior design, and construction and renovation work. For all of those who want to invest in Prague in the real estate sector, Dreamville offers customized assistance.

Based in Prague

Dreamville is a multi-service real estate agency in Prague.

Investing in real estate in Prague presents considerable difficulties if you are unfamiliar with bureaucracy. Many customers complain of very long waiting times and counterintuitiveness of Czech bureaucratic procedures. Dreamville is a multi-service real estate agency that assists clients proactively, knows the needs of local and international clients, and understands the importance of respecting deadlines. Meeting budgets and deadlines is very complicated if you are not familiar with the real estate market in Prague.

Dreamville offers a wide range of services in Prague: from the moment you will get in touch with the team, you will always be informed on the progress of your real estate search in Prague, or the management of long or short term rentals or on the maintenance of apartments, offices, and buildings.

Invest in the Real Estate Market in Prague

For all those who want to invest in the real estate market in Prague and buy a building, office, or apartment, Dreamville has created dedicated a wide selection of offers and products. Our team speaks the majority of European languages and has international experience.

Dreamville is glad to offer support to non-resident and foreign customers: we understand well what are the bureaucratic and cultural difficulties in purchasing a property, managing or renovating it. Our goal is to relieve you from all the troubles and help you with your dream project.