Maintenance of apartments, offices, and
buildings in Prague

Most people and many entrepreneurs do not have the expertise, the time, and the resources to independently manage all the activities necessary to manage their properties in Prague. This is why they rely on Dreamville, which, with specific experience and expertise, generates tangible results.

Our Company Values

Maintenance and service of real estate in Prague

Companies specializing in property management are called upon to perform essential tasks that require impeccable knowledge of the real estate sector.
It is correct to say that the maintenance of apartments, offices, and buildings and the service of real estate in Prague is a business activity per se.

Commonly, individuals and company owners do not have the competence, the time, or simply the desire to independently manage all the necessary activities to administer this type of property. For these reasons, they entrust their property to Dreamville, a real estate agency with extensive experience and expertise that guarantees high standards, cost containment, and customer satisfaction.

A Little Of Our Story

Analysis of the market and its regulations

Not all times are good to start ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of apartments, buildings, and offices. Market conditions obviously have massive importance for the owner of the real estate assets to maximize their profits. By analyzing the market and seasonal trends, Dreamville can suggest the best time to start a project, to present documents to the town hall, or to request a quote from a construction company.

Knowledge of the real estate market and attention to changes in regulations are fundamental for the maintenance and management of offices, apartments, and buildings.

Analysis of tax regulations and state opportunities

Dreamville cooperates with Czech and international partners to provide unique services in Prague to all its clients.

Dreamville cooperates with Czech and international partners to provide unique services in Prague to all its clients. Our partners have an impeccable knowledge of the current regulations, especially regarding tax and fiscal aspects. Owning a property, regardless of its characteristics and its intended use, can entail significant tax charges: it is paramount that the consulting companies are knowledgeable and updated on the various opportunities offered by the State. To ensure the best possible service to all our clients, our team members regularly attend practical and theoretical updates from institutions and partners.

We always take into consideration whether it is the right time to carry out maintenance, aimed, for example, at the energy efficiency of the buildings: depending on the time of year and the availability of the supplier, we schedule maintenance works well in advance to minimize the inconvenience for the owners and the business.

Let us identify the best strategy for you

It is essential to identify the best strategies to save time and resources: we establish the best timing, materials, and space solutions for the project based on the customer’s needs. We spend quite a long time in the preparation phase of a project because we believe that a good plan will save a lot of time and frustration.

Dreamville works with the best architects, building companies, and design studios in Prague and cooperates with certified technicians in order to work safely at the highest standards. The maintenance of offices, apartments, and buildings will be quick and easy with our technical coordination, logistics support, and procurement of materials.