Real Estate Support Services

Dreamville offers full-service real estate support to all foreigners who want to invest in Prague. Thanks to the many years of experience of the members and the network of partners and consultants, our real estate agency can satisfy every request quickly.

Our Company Values

Real estate support and assistance for foreigners in Prague

Dozens of foreigners come to Prague and to the Czech Republic every year to buy a house, invest in a property, or to build industrial spaces.
For all those foreigners who approach the real estate market in Prague with small or large projects, we have created personalized assistance, support, and consultancy services.

If the choice of the location of the property is a determining factor, the state of the apartment or building is not less important. Dreamville, a real estate agency in Prague, evaluates the state of the property and, in a short time, estimates time and costs for the renovation.

A Little Of Our Story

A network of architects, engineers, and designers

A network of architects, engineers, and designers cooperates with the agency to meet the budget and the expectations of every investor.
Dreamville also offers tax, accounting, financial, and even corporate assistance to foreigners in Prague: if your company is planning to expand to other markets, our partners offer successful internationalization plans for small and large firms.

Prague property prices and the future of the market

In recent years, the prices of properties in the Czech Republic have seen constant and consistent increases.

In recent years, the prices of properties in the Czech Republic have seen constant and consistent increases. In less than five years, the prices in Prague have almost doubled. Several factors have “triggered” this kind of change: the political stability achieved, the constant rates of economic growth, the low taxation on the construction of new houses, and, last but not least, the incredible growth of the tourism sector. The Czech real estate market is experiencing a very positive season: just look at the number of construction sites opened in Prague or the renovation projects of old buildings. The situation is not only very different between the capital and the other regions. 

However, within the capital, prices can vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood. For this reason, Dreamville offers its customers a portfolio of personalized services ranging from purchase, to project planning and financing. One of our strengths is the deep knowledge of the value and the potential of each area of Prague. Our partners have been working on the Czech real estate market for years and can evaluate and make the most of the characteristics of each project based on the fluctuations of the market.

We are always up to date

Furthermore, the Dreamville team is informed about the infrastructure developments in Prague and the projects of redevelopment of the peripheral areas. Thanks to this precise knowledge of the city, our experts can identify the most interesting locations for private and commercial investments.

Dreamville is also able to support your company in the process of searching for the best financing opportunities.