Construction and renovation in Prague

Dreamville, a real estate services agency in Prague, supports you in performing construction works and complete turnkey renovations. Thanks to many years of experience and collaboration with qualified professionals, Dreamville guarantees quality, care, and respect for delivery times.

Our Company Values

We work with you to renovate your home

From the design to the care of the paperwork, up to the practical execution of the work entrusted to the best construction companies in Prague, Dreamville accompanies you throughout the renovation up to the delivery, planning together with you the times of the construction site to meet your needs.

Dreamville, a real estate service agency in Prague, has been collaborating with the best architects, engineers, surveyors, and designers for years: starting from the surveys, up to the executive design and subsequent construction, Dreamville guarantees customer satisfaction from the first meeting until the day of delivery of the spaces.

A Little Of Our Story

Our motto is “never leave customers alone”

we share ideas, solutions, and choices, to support each one step by step in the construction and renovation works in Prague.
To all those with special needs of reduced mobility or handicap, we listen devotedly and pay attention to make the home and office a safe and pleasant place where to live. Our architects will offer you the most suitable renovation solutions for your budget and needs.

Documentation and certifications for homes and businesses

The regulations regarding the reconstruction and renovation work in Prague are not easy to interpret and vary significantly from area to area of ​​the city.

The regulations regarding the reconstruction and renovation work in Prague are not easy to interpret and vary significantly from area to area of ​​the city. This reason, combined with the language barrier and the Czech bureaucracy, pushes many customers who want to undertake reconstruction and renovation works to turn to Dreamville. Our real estate agency is a valid support for all those who wish to carry out real estate projects in Prague and who need to know precisely the times and costs of the investment. A multilingual team is always at your disposal to clarify doubts, answer technical questions, and to guide you through practices and documentation. Getting the necessary documentation and knowing the requirements for habitability or testing is a fundamental step of any real estate project in Prague.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years of activity and thanks to our team of collaborators, we will be able to assist you and to guide you in the Czech bureaucracy by limiting the time and costs of your project. Prague is famous for its beautiful buildings, wonderful squares, and breathtaking views. In the city, there are many areas subject to restrictions and special regulations. If you have decided to undertake the construction or renovation of an apartment, office, or building, you must make sure to be familiar with the current regulations, request the necessary permits, and rely on real estate experts.

Building and renovating in Prague and the Czech Republic

Whether it is to arrange an apartment in the heart of the Bohemian capital or an independent house in the countryside, the starting point is the same for everyone: contact a renovation company that knows how to find solutions, work professionally and meet deadlines. Dreamville, a real estate agency that offers tailor-made services besides professionalism, creativity, and customer focus.

The counsel we offer to our customers is holistic: starting from an inspection with a personalized quote, our architects follow all the work, ensuring a single interlocutor with whom to interface.